Top Kiz


Top Kiz is a joint venture, based in different countries, thanks to the network that links subsidiaries in Italy, Switzerland, China, Croatia and the new Polish one. We are a mush-up of many production partners. ​

We are focused, as core business, on the sourcing and manufacturing process on Kids and Promotional areas.

We collaborate with many partners from Europe to Asia markets principally and we have always being in the backwards as suppliers for various important companies as Panini, Giochi Preziosi, Toys Center, Dubai Shopping Malls, promotional activities as with Evian and the famous Loy&Promo agencies for various retailers and others wellknown clients.

We work on different segments to satisfy our clients in each step they need as:

  • new projects (from samples with 3D printingin to distribution)
  • licensing steps
  • new concepts proposals from brief received by clients